January Dessert of the Month

1st Caramelised Apple Baba with spiced chantilly at Allegra 🥇 2nd Apple Pie and custard at Riennas Hornchurch🥈 3rd Caramel Crave at The Greyhound (Harvester) 🥉

Restaurant Elis

Over recent years we’ve been frequent visitors to the amazing Da Terra in the Bethnal Green Town Hall. So when we heard that the team would be taking over the Corner Room on the first floor as a more casual brazilian / italian restaurant we couldn’t wait to visit. This opportunity came on saturday evening.…… Continue reading Restaurant Elis


Today we payed our first visit to Brawn and what a fabulous lunch we enjoyed to. Set in the heart of Columbia Road , East London is where you’ll find this trendy casual dining restaurant. The menu has a mediterranean theme that is designed for sharing although the sizes of the mains gives you the…… Continue reading Brawn

Desserts of October

Another great month of absolutely fabulous desserts so pour yourself a cuppa and feast your eyes on the delightful creations. APPLE CRUMBLE TART at QUEEN VICTORIA THEYDON BOIS MILK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE at ALLEGRA SALTED CARAMEL & CHOCOLATE PROFITEROLES at QUEEN VICTORIA THEYDON BOIS FIF MILLE FEUILLE at ALLEGRA BAVAROIS at THE BAILIWICK FREEHOUSE RICOTTA ICE…… Continue reading Desserts of October

The Five Fields

On my previous visit in march I stated the Five Fields had become a real favourite. We’ll if that statement needed any confirmation then today’s visit would definitely enhance that. This was hospitality at its finest. The food , wine and service was exceptional and only michelin knows the reason why this restaurant hasn’t been…… Continue reading The Five Fields

Sunday Roast at The Bailiwick Freehouse

A visit to the Bailiwick is always a pleasure and especially for sunday lunch. On this occasion I enjoyed a fabulous roast pork shoulder. This was cooked to perfection leaving the pork succulent and tender. It was accompanied by seasonal vegetables , parsnips , potatoes , yorkshire pudding , cauliflower cheese and a heavenly onion…… Continue reading Sunday Roast at The Bailiwick Freehouse