The Five Fields

On my previous visit in march I stated the Five Fields had become a real favourite. We’ll if that statement needed any confirmation then today’s visit would definitely enhance that. This was hospitality at its finest. The food , wine and service was exceptional and only michelin knows the reason why this restaurant hasn’t been…… Continue reading The Five Fields

Core by Clare Smyth

In the five years Core has been open we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying amazing dining experiences in our eighteen visits. This I am pleased to say continued on saturday. This restaurant with it’s fantastic team was always destined to receive the accolade of three michelin stars. But this doesn’t stop them from losing any…… Continue reading Core by Clare Smyth

Da Terra

There could not have been a much better way to get my 2022 Michelin Star year up and running than with an absolutely fabulous lunch at Da Terra. The food with some new dishes and redesigned old ones was amazing , the wine pairings from sommelier Maria were perfect and the service was impeccable as…… Continue reading Da Terra


It’s always a pleasure to visit Cornerstone where you get the opportunity to enjoy some amazing fish dishes and this occasion was to prove even more delightful. On our previous two visits we definitely thought the bar had been raised to the next level and this was easily maintained here today. The food was fantastic…… Continue reading Cornerstone