The Home Grown Kitchen

I do like to support local businesses as much as I can. This led to saturday when it gave me great pleasure to head to Epping for a Home Grown Kitchen pop up evening. This event was hosted by Danny Lee and Phoebe Goulding who met when they were employed with the Galvin group. At…… Continue reading The Home Grown Kitchen

Kervan Kitchen

We enjoyed some fabulous visits to Kervan Kitchen Gidea Park last year and if our lunch on Sunday is anything to go by then we’re in for another fantastic year again. The food is always amazing and this is matched by the friendliest of service that makes this restaurant an absolute pleasure to visit. As…… Continue reading Kervan Kitchen

Tandoori Lounge

After starting the year in isolation it was great to get my foodie year up and running. For this I decided to stay local and enjoy some fabulous Punjabi Cuisine at my favourite Indian restaurant the Tandoori Lounge. I love their Punjabi style of food which is very different to your normal Indian restaurant. This…… Continue reading Tandoori Lounge