Desserts of June

Are you ready to feast your eyes on some amazing desserts then these delights I enjoyed in the month of June should suit you perfectly. So take a seat because here they come 🤪. STRAWBERRY , Gariguette , Sheep’s Yoghurt , Old Balsamic at DA TERRA CHOUX BUN , Strawberries , Clotted Cream at CORNERSTONE…… Continue reading Desserts of June

Desserts of November

This month’s desserts are from my hometown of Hornchurch where just before lockdown I enjoyed a delight from Greenwoods Kitchen. The rest come from my favourite patisserie Le Moulin who once again kept me going and there is even a special celebration cake that we absolutely loved. Please Enjoy 🤪 Chocolate Brownie at Greenwoods Kitchen…… Continue reading Desserts of November