Ruth Hansom – Cook at Home

We had hoped by now to have visited the Princess of Shoreditch where Ruth is the head chef but due to the ongoing Covid situation that we’re in this has not been possible. So therefore we was delighted when she had joined Finish & Feast and created a delightful three course Cook at Home menu. With delight we headed straight away to their website and placed an order. This was also to be our first time using Finish & Feast so was also interested to see if they were as good as other delivery services that we’ve used. I’m now pleased to say that despite a slight delay with the delivery which with great customer service was sorted immediately they were. The parcel arrived on the friday in good condition and inside the packaging was excellent. Unless your having the food that evening you should put everything into the fridge. Once we checked through to make sure all was in order we looked at the cooking instructions. These couldn’t have been made any easier leaving you to spend minimal time in the kitchen and more time to enjoy the food. In an addition to this I asked my good friend and drinks expert Alison Taffs from my local micro pub the Hop Inn Hornchurch if she would pair drinks with the starter and main course to which she was delighted to do so. The reason I asked Alison was because she is a mutual friend of both myself and Ruth.


The first course was a Treacle Cured Sea Trout with Cucumber & Fennel Salad , Soda Bread & Gherkin Ketchup. The only cooking you had to do here was to warm the bread for a few minutes in the oven. The rest just had to removed from the packaging and plated. I’m pleased to say that each item of the dish complimented each other perfectly making this a fantastic way to begin. This was enhanced by a delightful Yellow Huffcap Perry from the Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co. chosen by Alison that with it’s crispness and fabulous pear flavours really refreshed the palate after each bite.

Treacle Cured Sea Trout , Cucumber & Fennel , Gherkin Ketchup , Soda Bread

Yellow Huffcap Perry


Now it was onto the main course of Braised Lamb , Jerusalem Artichoke , Mint Gnocchi , Pickled Mushrooms & Tenderstem Broccoli. This involved only fifteen minutes of cooking time for the whole dish. This was a very cleverly thought out combination by Ruth that really worked and in fact one of the best Cook at Home dishes we’ve had the pleasure of eating. This was matched once again by another fabulous drinks pairing from Alison. She decided to stay with the Ross on Wye cider and chose a fantastic 2018 Dabinett S.V.C a natural cider that had been matured in armagnac barrels. With flavours of orange & toffee really paired well with the dish.

Braised Lamb

Dabinett 2018 S.V.C


Now to finish with dessert and what a treat we were in for. A heavenly Chocolate Nemesis Cake with Caramelised Orange , Creme Fraiche & Icing Sugar. A real chocolate lover’s delight that required no cooking at all. Just simply remove from the packaging and plate.

Chocolate Nemesis Cake

So there you have it and absolutely amazing lunch had come to an end. The quality of the food was amazing and priced at £80 for two people I can’t recommend highly enough. This was a real treat and until we can dine out in restaurants again I would certainly consider ordering Ruth’s menu. Thank You also to our good friend Alison for two excellent drinks pairings they really complimented the food perfectly. Thanks also to Finish & Feast for their delivery service and I would definitely consider using them again.

Thank You Ruth for your amazing food and look forward to visiting you at the Princess of Shoreditch very soon.



By Lloyd Stevens

I'm a big Foodie and love Fine Dining in AA Rosette and Michelin Star restaurants also enjoy good Pub Food especially Desserts . I been living in Hornchurch for 20yrs now and this year celebrate my 25th Wedding Anniversary to my wife Jane . We do enjoy our holidays with Italy & San Diego as our favourite destinations I've decided to focus more on my Foodie life due to over 3 years ago being struck down with nerve damage and recently spondylosis I do enjoy my sport and follow Chelsea , Juventus & San Diego Padres


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