My Return to The Frog Hoxton

Let me start by saying that I wouldn’t normally write another review about a restaurant this quick but this was such an amazing return visit to the Frog Hoxton that I just felt I had to tell you all about it. Our first visit was only a couple of months ago and one that we loved so much we couldn’t wait to come back. Therefore when our friends said they wanted to meet up in the Shoreditch/Hackney area our decision to return to the Frog was easy. I’m also now glad to say that our friends just like us absolutely loved it. We arrived on saturday and received the same nice friendly welcome as before. We were then escorted to our table which was in the prime location in front of the open kitchen. Our lunch started with a complimentary glass of English Sparkling Wine which was a nice touch. After a chat with our waitress Tamsin about some of the dishes we all decided to choose the Tasting Menu. This really is the best option if it’s your first time as it gives you the opportunity to sample a good variety of the dishes on the menu. We then ordered beers and cocktails from their extensive drinks list. Before our first course we got to enjoy some amazing Snacks. These consisted of Heritage Carrot , Roasted Hazelnut & Mint then Brandade , Apple & Buckwheat and lastly Crispy Duck Pancake.

Carrot , Hazelnut & Mint

Brandade , Apple & Buckwheat

Crispy Duck Pancake

After enjoying some bread along with the infamous Chicken Butter it was then time for the signature dish of Celeriac , Yolk , Apple , Dates & Truffle. Along with this came a lovely surprise as Head Chef Jamie sent over an extra course the Burrata , Onion , Fennel & Espelette which was stunning.

Chicken Butter

Celeriac , Yolk , Apple , Dates & Truffle

Burrata , Onion & Fennel

We then moved onto our next course and flavour heaven didn’t stop here as we enjoyed the Cod , Corn , Morels & Ponzu. With this came our second surprise as to accompany the Cod we were treated to the Minted Jersey Royals.

Cod , Corn , Morels & Ponzu

Jersey Royals

Now it was time for the main course a Sutton Hoo Chicken , Spring Vegetables & Wild Garlic Dumplings and if that dish wasn’t tasty enough our third surprise arrived and I have to say the Mac & Cheese was absolute heaven.

Sutton Hoo Chicken

Wild Garlic Dumplings

Mac & Cheese

Next to come was the cheese course and the truly fantastic Cheese Doughnuts which were simply divine. This was followed by a delightful little palate cleanser called Black & Gold with BBQ Lime & Olive Oil.

Cheese Doughnuts

Black & Gold

We then finished with some fabulous desserts the Milk , Milk & more Milk the Cassis Blackberry & Lemon Thyme and the Banana , Tonga Bean & Chocolate definitely didn’t disappoint as they were all delicious.

Milk , Milk & more Milk

Cassis , Blackberry & Lemon Thyme

Banana , Tonka Bean & Chocolate

We ended with coffee & petit fours to bring to an end a very memorable lunch and one I’m definitely looking forward to repeating again soon. The food from Jamie and his team of chefs who take it in turn to bring out each course was amazing and this was matched by the excellent friendly service from not only Tamsin but every member of staff. This is definitely a place I would highly recommend so if you haven’t been yet then you really are missing out on a fantastic dining experience

Petit Fours

Thank You all for a fantastic lunch and see you again soon 🤙


By Lloyd Stevens

I'm a big Foodie and love Fine Dining in AA Rosette and Michelin Star restaurants also enjoy good Pub Food especially Desserts . I been living in Hornchurch for 20yrs now and this year celebrate my 25th Wedding Anniversary to my wife Jane . We do enjoy our holidays with Italy & San Diego as our favourite destinations I've decided to focus more on my Foodie life due to over 3 years ago being struck down with nerve damage and recently spondylosis I do enjoy my sport and follow Chelsea , Juventus & San Diego Padres


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